Aerocool Adds Aero-800 and Aero-500

Aercool one of the leading manufacturer of excellent gaming PC gear announces two new value-for-money chassis to the PGS-A product series. Introducing the Aero-800 and Aero-500 chassis, Aerocool extends the fresh series, which has received good feedback. Both are mainly concentrated on gamers who are limited budget and have same similarities like Aero-1000. They have same design as Aero-1000 and for Aero-800 it has four color option black, white, blue and grey. Whereas Aero-500 have the two universal colors black and white.


The new chassis inherited the clean front panel with the fancy mesh-design as well as the removable magnetic dust filter on the top panel. Also new chassis support the mainstream mainboard form-factors Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and the standard ATX as well as large high-end VGA cards and CPU cooler where Aero-800 featuring with two 5.25 inch bays as well as up to five 2.5 inch bays and two 3.5 inch bays with separate area for PSU and HDD. And Aero-500 on other hand featuring with two 5.25 inch bays as well two 2.5 inch bays and four 3.5 inch bays. All the other stuff like the special mounting area for backplate-based CPU coolers and pre-drilled holes in the mainboard-tray for cable management purposes are same As Aero-1000.


The Aero-800 and Aero-500 will be available soon. Pricing Aero-800 @ 60.25EUR and $67.90 (excl.VAT/Taxes) and Aero-500 @37.72 EUR and $42.50 (excl. VAT/Taxes).