ADATA XPG Z1 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Review


As the DDR4 becomes mainstream and both Intel and AMD uses new DDR4 as a standard, demand for a good DDR4 RAM is evident. ADATA debuted their DDR4 line-up with XPG Z1 DDR4 memory, company’s first DDR4 memory geared towards enthusiasts and PC gamers. Today we are going to take a look at the 4×2 8GB XPG Z1 DDR4 2400 kit (AX4U2400W4G16-BRZ), a suitable choice for an average high-performance gaming PC? Let’s find out.



  • Frequency Speed: DDR4 21333MHz-2800MHz
  • Module Size: 4GB – 32GB
    • 4GB: 8GB kit (4GB x2) / 16GB kit (4GB x4)
    • 8GB: 16GB kit (8GB x2) / 32GB kit (8GB x4)
  • Compatibility: DDR4 21333 CL 15-15-15 at 1.2V
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 85°C
  • Storage Temperature: -55°C to 100°C
  • Operating Voltages: 1.2V
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 133.2mm x 42.65mm x 7.5mm
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime